The Perfect Getaway

The Garden Top Hotel combines downtown Jozi charm with up-town comfort and luxury
(for business executives and wide-eyed travelers alike.)

Our Story

Welcome to a world-class hotel the likes of which downtown Johannesburg hasn’t seen in over three decades.

Owner Samuel Okoye has played an important role in the upliftment of Bez Valley, and operates several businesses in the surrounding area. Utilising his extensive experience in the hospitality industry, he dreams of re-energising this illustrious suburb with his take on the modern African hotel.

The Garden Top Hotel, situated on Albertina Sisulu Road, commands its humble surroundings with modern flair, featuring 28 stylishly appointed rooms, a large swimming pool, and a balcony area that provides stunning views of the city and surrounding suburb

Luxury Rooms

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Call: +27 (0)11 042 9032


Address: 27 8th Street, Bezuidenhout Valley,
Johannesburg, 2094, Gauteng, South Africa

27 8th Street Bezuidenhout Valley

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